Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Prologue: The Beginning

"This shall be my purpose, that those who know me may esteem Alpha Gamma Delta for her attainments, revere her for her purposes, and love her for her womanhood." -Alpha Gamma Delta Purpose, Line 12

"Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand."-Chinese Proverb


Hello all, and welcome to my blog! I will be chronicling my experience as the Gamma Experience Coordinator for the Zeta Iota Chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta from the time I'm transitioned into office this December and when I graciously step out of office the next December! The previous Gamma did a blog of her own, and I decided to honor that by continuing the tradition so to speak.

Now, what I would like to say is that I cannot wait to officially take this office and teach the sophomores and juniors of our chapter! For the past year, I served as Ritual Coordinator, and the fact that I get to teach the Purpose is an incredibly fitting next step in my officer career. This is the beginning of a wonderful journey, and not only will the sophomore and junior women be learning, but I will be learning right along side them as their teacher.

As the Chinese Proverb states above, I plan to involve those in my program to the best of my ability. I'm an education major, and what I have learned is that learning is done best through experience and engagement. I will follow what the guides have to offer, but in terms of Ice Breakers and facilitation, I have great ideas in mind!

So join me as I embark on this journey that I believe will not only help me become a better teacher when I graduate next spring, but a better Alpha Gamma Delta woman. There will be many posts once I actually begin, and I cannot wait to share all of my happenings with you! Stay tuned :)

Living with Purpose,