Sunday, January 29, 2012

Teaching Day One: Lines 3 and 8

"Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world."-Harriet Tubman

So last where I left off I was beginning to prepare to teach Lines 3 and 8 to the sophomore and junior women of our chapter. Well, today was the day, and to say the least, it was very successful! I'm pleased with the results of the programs. I feel there was room for improvement in terms of participations and staying on task, but I feel that will improve with time. Let me restate each line and give a quick summary of how it went.

"To cultivate acquiantances with many whom I meet.": In terms of this line for the sophomores, we examined how we use different networks today and establish those important connections. We discussed our futures and what we would like from ourselves. It was very great to see the sophomore women in our chapter come up with goals they would like to accomplish. I personally hope to see many personal applications come out of this because establishing those networks and connections are very vital in today's society.

"To covet beauty in environment, manner, word, and thought.": With this line for the juniors, this became more serious than I ever thought, to the point where I was moved to tears. This happened in particular with the Cross the Line activity. I will not go into details since this is very private, but it was amazing to see it in action. The activities the group did made them reexamine beauty in a totally different and complex way. It didn't only open their eyes, but my eyes as well. It made me remember why I want to teach and eventually move further in my career to counseling. Beauty is everywhere in these women, whether they see it or not; I truly hope they do.

The quote I have above connects to these two lines. Everyone has it within them to make their dreams into reality, by using those connections and networks discussed in Line 3. However, everyone also has it within them to use their inner and outer beauty to convey kindness to others and to establish self-confidence in order to reach these dreams, which is discussed in Line 8. The next lines, Line 4 and 9, will be examined on February 26th. I cannot wait to continue to teach this wonderful program to our women at Zeta Iota. Stay tuned.

Alpha Gam Love and Mine,

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